Campus Life


The college library is well equipped with more than 5200 volumes and 583 titles. 17 National and 11 International Journals are also procured. The E- laboratory is well equipped with the latest computers (84 No.) (HCL My Next PCs) and 4 Mbps internet facilities with legal system software and legal application software. The reprographic (Printing & Xerox) facility also available.


Pharmaceutics Lab-I & II

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

Pharmaceutical Analysis Research Lab

Pharmacognosy Lab

Pharmacology & HAP Lab

Instrument Room

Pharmaceutical Microbiology Lab

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Lab

Computer Lab

Lab Equipment for the Departments

Formulation Development Instruments:

Tablet Punching Machine

R & D Coater with Digital Spray Gun

Dissolution test apparatus

Friability Test Apparatus

Hardness Testers

High shear Mixers

Stability Chambers

Capsule Filling Machine (manual)

Laminar air flow

Incubators etc.

Sophisticated Analytical Instruments:

Brukers alpha F.T.I.R

HPLC Schimadzu

Brookfield Viscometer

UV-Double Beam Spectrophotometer

Heidolph Rotary Flash Evaporator with Chiller

Fuming Cup Boards

Nitrogen Cylinders

Deep Freezer (-180C)




Olympus Camera Microscope

Projection microscope